The REVOLUTIONARY Custom Home Made Easy - Process.

Getting your Perfect Home shouldn’t be stressful.

Imagine creating your Custom Home without the fears, frustration or worry.   You’ll sleep easy knowing you’re making all the right moves to getting your Perfect Home.

The process is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way.

This process has been designed by one of America’s top housing architects, Jon Anderson “The Home Whisperer”. His 30 years of knowledge & experience make this simple & easy for YOU.

So, Lets Get Started!

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Say GOODBYE to the Old Confusing & Costly Process!

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Browse Ideas

Thumb through samples of ultra-flexible plans just to stimulate your imagination. Two important Points:

  1.  Don’t get caught up in the home sizes. These homes have been designed with the brightest shade of green imaginable. They look & live larger than they really are. For example, a 2,400 sq.ft. home really feels like it’s a least 2,700 square feet once you’ve moved in.
  2. These are base-line ideas where customization comes easy. Over 2 million unique homes can be build from each concept. And if that's not enough, there are many more concepts in reserve.

Capture Your Thoughts

This step is more CRITICAL than you could imagine. Writing your wants and needs on a piece of paper is only a small part of the process. Understanding the why behind each is way more important. Additionally, look at how you live… you have different living patterns during the week than the weekend, during the winter as opposed to the summer. The different parts of your life is also necessary. Combine these with securing visual thoughts and ideas and you are on your way. This is where you become fully engaged laying the foundation for your Perfect Home.

If you’ve worked with a real Architect before, this process was completed through a series of unstructured interviews.

Your HomeSite

Picture getting your Perfect Home as a 3-legged stool. The first leg is getting your Home Site (building lot). You must make sure you DON’T OVERPAY for your lot. Overpaying can occur for a number of reasons. Don’t get lured into “market value” for the lot. Many items determine a lot’s true value. Grading, views, presentation, orientation, adjacent conditions, engineering and the list goes on…. You must also make sure your lot is buildable. There are numerous conditions that affect a lots buildability that you must review prior to purchasing.

Choose Your Home

WOO HOO! Now you’re where the real fun begins. You probably cheated and created a short list on step 1. After all you know now, go back through all of the plans again. But a word of caution to start. Don’t start designing your home without completing steps 2 & 3.

Step 2 focuses on greatly improving the chance you’ll get a home that fits your personality like a glove. At this point you are equipped with the tools to getting your perfect home.

If your design your home without equal consideration of your Home Site conditions you’ll miss out on a fantastic opportunity. Creating a home that minimally responds to home site conditions is a common mistake. In fact, get this right and you can dramatically increase the value and appeal of your home.

This is where you choose the plan that nails the conditions identified in steps 2 & 3. The plan won’t be EXACTLY what you want. NO WORRIES! This is the starting point.

Customize your Home

This is where the Rubber Meets the Road! Now you’re creating a home that’s all you. But, don’t forget about the site conditions. You really do want a home that fits your needs and desires like a glove while responding to your building site conditions.

Here’s what’s really cool. The time it takes to make your design changes is shorter than a week. But what’s amazing is once you approve the design, you’ll have building documents that are completely ready to submit to your municipality and also start the bidding process.

Submit to Municipality

Okay, there is work for you to do here. Submit your completed building plans and pick them up once approved.

Everything beyond pick up & drop off & paying for the permits & fees are handled by us. We’ll even keep track of your plan in plan-check. All you do is supply us with the submittal number and we’ll keep an eye out for you.

What rocks is the comments we commonly receive are very minor in nature.  Your advantage is you don't wait a month or two to get comments addressed.  Instead, you can expect a three day turn around.

HomeBuilder Pricing

Since our plans almost never receive municipal back check comments of any cost consequence, you can turn your plans over to your Home Builder for Pricing.

Talk about saving time!

Your Builder will have your Pricing complete around the same time the municipality finishes their review of your home plans.

OVER 40 million UNIQUE Homes created from 48 Home Concepts.  And that's just the start!


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Executive Series Custom Homes
Small Lot Custom Homes
Private Reserve Custom Homes

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What Home Building Experts are Saying...

Tom Doucette

Doucette Communities

Reed Snell

Founder, Truss Links

Greg Shinn

President, GRS Landscape Architects

"I’ve been active in the Arizona Market for over 35 years and for over 20 years I’ve known Jon Anderson and have done work with him both in design, construction drawing, remodeling, and other architectural services.  The thing that distinguishes Jon is his ability to communicate and understand work from the client’s perspective.  I can say that it’s an absolute pleasure to work with and we’ve found him to be a professional and his capabilities have been without peer. "

"We’ve been working with Jon Anderson for well over 15 years now and one of the things that stands out when working with him versus some of the other companies we work with is his ability to work during the design phase to iron out some of the issues that might pop up normally and during the construction phase.  We’re able to pinpoint some of the areas that could become problems and alleviate those before they actually do become problems.  We’ve had a lot of success in both the residential track work as well as custom homes."

"I’ve known Jon for over 16 years now.  As a landscape architect I’ve worked with a lot of architects and I love to work with Jon.  Jon is creative…  but, creativity means a lot of things.  To the owner it means creative spaces, creative design and Jon is certainly good at that.  But even more so, Jon is creative with the structure of the building and the integration of the building into the site and again this means a couple different things.  Integration with the site means that it fits into the site and fits well, but he’s also creative in how he spends the client’s money.  Jon understands structure and understands site better than any architect I’ve ever worked with and this translates not only to a better design, but to a more cost-effective design.  I love working with Jon for this reason, because I know we’re always going to have a project that turns out well and that is cost-effective for our clients.  And… I love having happy clients."

"Do you want a new super-power?  Learn the secret strategies that are used to make homes live larger, look better and feel more comfortable.  You'll love it -- GUARANTEED!"

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Getting your Perfect Home shouldn’t be stressful.

You need the right combination of information, guidance with a proven approach that empowers you to make the best and most timely decisions without worries, frustrations and fear.

Your Perfect Home is more than a house you can’t wait to get home to.  It’s a home you can’t wait to get home to that makes budget.

And that difference is monumental.

It’s easy to spend money.  The challenge for you is to create a home that fits your personality like a glove without spending money hand over fist to get it.

If you’re willing to spend money hand over fist, you’re at the wrong place.

That’s because we are obsessive about costs and how they affect your budget.  Our understanding about costs has been grounded in serving home builders for over 25 years.  With more than $2.2 Billion in homes under our belt we’ve become an industry leader in making home builders profitable.

And now we’re bringing the same skills and tools we’ve developed for home builders to you.

But, you need more.  By adding just enough information with straightforward process that produces results, you’ll have the tools and skills necessary to getting your Perfect Home.